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Top Books that might change your Life

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"Leaders are Readers”. If we read these books and if we start implementing the life lessons from them, then massive changes can come to our life.

Today I will share with you the 10 best books of my life and some of their amazing lessons which have brought huge changes in my life. And especially if you are on the journey of self-growth, then these books will dramatically change your life.

Let's start with book number 1.

1. Tough times never last but tough people do!


I read this when I was dealing with some tough situations. so, it was a situation-based book for me at that time.

Let me share something from this book.

● "It's a law of life. Big potatoes rise to the top on rough roads, and tough people rise to the top in rough times.”

It means if some potatoes are in a cage loaded by a truck or any good train then you will notice that if there are road potholes on the road, then the big potatoes will come up and the small potatoes will sit at the bottom. Just like this strong people reach their highest potential at worst times.

● "Possibility thinking game".

If you have been trapped in a tough situation and can't find the solution to get out of this, then take a notepad and pen then start writing what are the possibilities to get out of that situation.

Note down that whatever problem I am in, whose solution I want, what are its possibilities. For example, if I want to double my income and that is not happening, then write what are the possibilities for it. Write 10 such possibilities by which I can double my income. So, this is called the "possibility thinking game”. This is an amazing thing. I learned a lot from this book during my tough time.

2. "The 48 Laws of Power".


Before reading this book, I saw a summary of it on YouTube. And I liked it so much that my interest in reading this book increased even more. Then finally I bought it. The author has written 48 laws in this book. And every single law is so amazing that I still remember it.

One of my favorite laws is-

● "Never put too much trust in friends".

There are some secrets in your life that no one else should know about except you. No matter how close friends they are, you shouldn't share everything with them. Because there are so many ups and downs in life, who are going away from life, who are getting close to us we can't able to define. Because with whom you have shared something, he also has some close friends. And especially when we share it with someone by saying "don't share with anyone" then he definitely tells the third person by saying "do not tell anyone else".

And there are 48 different laws in this book and I would highly recommend you to read this.

3. Awaken the Giant Within.


This is also an amazing book. I came to know many things from this book. For example-

● we have to convert "should to must". There are many things left to do in life. So, we have to follow this.

I have learned many things from this author. For the first time, a thing that I learned from him was

● " The Law of Pain in Pleasure".

"The Law of Pain in Pleasure" states that We often avoid pain. And I want to go towards pleasure. But if we understand this pain and pleasure concept, then massive changes can come into our life.

This book really can bring out the giant in you. And can bring many changes to your life.

4. How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be: The 25 Principles of Success.


I was re-reading the underlined lines for 2 days after finishing this book. I liked this book so much. I have come to know from this book for the first time that-

● "Whatever events happen in your life, the way you respond to it, the outcome comes in your life accordingly".

For example, if Gandhiji got thrown out of the train, what was his reaction at that time? What was his response to that situation? Arunima Sinha was thrown from the train by someone and her leg was amputated. Then she decided that she would climb Mount Everest. so, it was the response or reaction towards the situation.

We can't control the events that happen in our lives. And the outcome is not in our hands either. But what we can control is our response. How do we respond to that situation? And another life lesson I've learned from this book is-

● "The life you're currently living is the result of all your past thoughts and actions".

And the same thing applies to our future as well. Our future is going to be the result of the action and thought we are taking today. So, we can't control our past and what we are facing right now. But the future is in our hands. How can we do so? We can do that by managing our actions and thoughts today.

Next move to the next one which is

5. Peaks and Valleys: Making Good and Bad Times Work for You--At Work And in life.


This book describes how to handle life's ups and downs. This is an amazing book by Spencer Johnson. He's one of my favorite authors. I love this book because it consists of a small number of pages and there are large texts in his books. So, it's not boring and everybody can finish them quickly.

The author has given the answer to how to face the tough times that come into our life? and how to get out of it? He has told all these things through a small story. So, this is a great book. A valley always connects the two peaks of the mountain. Without a valley, peaks can't be made. If there is no valley then it will become flat. So, life is a combination of peaks and valleys. What we call Ups and Downs. If we think that downfalls can never happen in life, then it is almost impossible. Because when the valley is formed then only the fun of the peak will come.

If you note that-For example you're not doing well financially, you are financially at your valley point(downstage). And at the same time, you're at the peak point(high) in some other aspects of life. It might be your good health or good social scale or something else. So, cherish them and feel gratitude for them because you're at the peak level of those things. Because it happens in very few cases that you are downstage in all aspects of your life. When you focus on the peak point of yours, then automatically the down stages (valleys)of your life start disappearing. And then you can deal with every problem in your life.

6. How to win friends and influence people.


I personally love this author's books very much.

In his books, first, he explains a particular topic then as a conclusion he tells some rules which are very useful.

Here are some life-changing rules & lessons that helped me a lot to deal with people.

● Avoid arguments

"If you argue with someone regarding anything, you may win sometimes but it will always be an empty victory because you will never get your opponent's goodwill".

● Before criticizing another person, talk about your own mistakes.

● Ask questions instead of giving direct orders.

● Give the other person a good reputation to live up to.

● Appreciation should be honest, not flattery.

Except for these 5 rules, there are other rules too. And the author elaborated these rules so beautifully that anybody could impress by the way he explains his point of view and give valuable lessons.

7. Rich dad and poor dad


● "Learn the difference between assets and liabilities".

In this book, the author has described the difference between rich people's mindsets vs poor people's mindsets. So, what things do rich people do? Rich people invest their money in assets whereas poor people spend their money on liabilities. For example, when people get their salaries, they don't invest in this. They spend that money necessarily as well as unnecessarily. And they have already set their mindset that they can't be rich therefore they are poor mindset people. And rich people invest their money in assets to get a profit and exactly this happens. They always try to multiply their income instead of spending their money on unnecessary and useless things to show off. They make passive income sources. For that reason, money always comes to them and they get financial Freedom.

8. Tao Te Ching

Book by-LAOZI

Laozi is a Chinese philosopher. And literally, I don't have that kind of power to define this book. Take any biggest book in the world, this book is no less than that. Because the philosophy described here is outstanding. Whenever I was sitting to read this book, after reading a line, I used to churn on that line for 2 days... seriously I'm not joking. With this philosophy, how can you create harmony in your life, how can you reach your internal self, you can know all these from this book. He’s so amazingly defined this philosophy. How you look within yourself, you will find everything you need. This is actually a book that should be read by every person who wants to know Spirituality and wants to know the True Self of his life.

9. Stillness is the key


When I buy this book, I don't think that this could be a good book. Seeing its outlook, I felt that it would not be so effective. But trust me when I started reading this book, I felt that THIS IS A LIFE CHANGING BOOK. There are three segments in this book. (a)Mind, (b)soul, (c)body.

And this book's author describes how you can bring stillness to Mind, Soul, and body. The concept of awareness that leads you to meditation, which takes you to enlightenment, is the starting point of that. Whenever I have free time, I take this book and reread the highlighted lines of that book. And the way it refreshes my mind is just AWESOME. And during those 40-50 minutes it feels amazing. I feel like I meditated very well. To think clearly, see the whole chessboard, to making tough decisions, to managing our emotions, to identifying the right goals, to handling high-pressure situations, maintain relationships, to building good habits, to being productive, bring physical excellence, to feeling fulfilled, to capture moments of laughter and joy, stillness is the key to well just about everything.

And this stillness can be yours. You can reach this stillness when the chatter of your mind is calm. For example, When the water waves are calm then you can see very deep into the water. In the same way, when your mind is still when you practice stillness, then you will get some such answers in life, which you will never be able to find in the chatter of the mind. This book taught me that "you cannot do your best if your mind is elsewhere". Suppose I am writing something and if my mind is somewhere else, other things are going on in my mind then I cannot create the best article. This book teaches you how being in stillness is so important. This is really an amazing book you must read.

10. Think Like a Monk: Train your mind for peace and purpose every day


This book describes how to find your purpose, how to overcome negativity, how to stop overthinking, why comparison kills love, how to use your fear, why you can't find happiness by looking for it, how to learn from everyone you meet, why you are not your thoughts, why kindness is crucial to success and much more…

This is literally a MASTERPIECE and it is a MASTERWORK on how the great ones think, live, and serve at the highest level. How you can step by step build your power, shifting your focus from self-image to self-esteem. This book frees you from the psychological state of social acquisition and helps you become the creator of your own life.

We spend our money on useless things. Instead, if we invest in books, then these books can change our life. You must invest in books for a better life.

*Disclaimer: We provide honest opinions, relevant experiences, and genuine views. Our goal is to assist you in making informed decisions. However, the views and opinions expressed are solely our own. As always, we recommend that you conduct your own research to verify any claims, results, and statistics before making a decision. Please note that we cannot guarantee that you or anyone else will make any sum of money - it all depends on each person's situation, drive, efforts and even luck. We highly suggest you simply look into it and draw your own conclusions.*

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