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The experiences one must have in his/her life before departing from this planet

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I'm going to share something special with you.

Let me ask you something first.

Aren't you bored with your 9-5 job? Don't you want to enjoy life by taking occasional breaks? Have you made a wish list in your life from childhood till now? How happy we used to be in childhood. But as soon as we grew up slowly that happiness disappeared.

Will you leave this world by doing the same thing? Like working and doing stuff for maintenance of your own and your family? You should get out of all these things sometimes and enjoy yourself a little. So that you don't feel any regret before you die. There are infinitely many things on earth to do. But you have to find out your interest and GO ON your way.


Whether you're an introvert or extrovert You may not like to roam in the local area, but if you roam in some outside area, then you will definitely enjoy it. I promise you will never regret doing this. If you're not rich enough to buy a flight ticket and travel to another country, then it's totally fine. You can buy a simple train ticket and travel to different cities or small towns. You will meet new people; you will come to know about many more things differently from you.

If you're traveling to different places why not have some fun?

Have you ever heard the name of the rope-way, bungee jumping, and other adventurous stuff? If you're an adventurous person then definitely you should try these things.


No matter who you are, you definitely should try this. It may be a little bit expensive but I promise you that you won't regret doing this. Have you ever imagined how great it feels to jump from thousands of feet above on earth, what would that look like, how would you feel to be a temporary bird? Isn't it amazing? I know yes, it is.

Underwater diving

Have you ever wondered what's inside the sea?

Do you want to be a temporary fish and enjoy the underwater experience?

If you are blessed with good health and wealth, try to help others

You may have noticed that when you help someone in any aspect then you feel very good. And self-satisfaction is amazing and fills you with positivity.

Enjoy the nightlife

Go out for a bit at night. Go to the terrace or the balcony. enjoy the air. Look at the open sky, try to go deep into the mystery of the universe. Look at the stars.

If you see children playing anywhere, then play a little with them too. happy

By doing this you will make them as well as yourself happy. All these things will awaken the child inside you.

Spend quality time with your family

No matter how busy you are throughout the day, at night you must have dinner together with them. Share small things with your family members. Remember that "your family should always be your most important consideration".

Just enjoy every moment of your life.

*Disclaimer: We provide honest opinions, relevant experiences, and genuine views. Our goal is to assist you in making informed decisions. However, the views and opinions expressed are solely our own. As always, we recommend that you conduct your own research to verify any claims, results, and statistics before making a decision. Please note that we cannot guarantee that you or anyone else will make any sum of money - it all depends on each person's situation, drive, efforts and even luck. We highly suggest you simply look into it and draw your own conclusions.*

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